Steve's Volunteer Spirit

Compassion and Fairness - The Common Sense Approach

" Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what YOU can do for your country!"

John F. Kennedy, January 1961

Migrant Services Legal Aid Foundation (Non-Profit)
Miami, Florida

Steve Schiffman volunteered his time to support the rights of Florida's farm workers in their continuing struggle with the ultra-conservative Florida Farm Bureau's anti-union pratices.

United Jewish Appeal (Non-Profit)
New York, New York

Steve Schiffman provided media, fundraising and community outreach services for the benefit of Israel and the Jewish people in need.

Jewish Culture and Heritage Foundation, Inc. (Non-Profit)
Las Vegas, Nevada

Steve Schiffman founded the non-profit JCHF whose premise is: "A United People for a Common Vision!". A non-profit, clearinghouse of Jewish Heritage, Culture, and Arts, worldwide, JCHF believes it is important to make available, internationally, the creative works that promote universal understand and appreciation of Jewish Heritage, Culture, and Arts.

Peace Corps volunteer
Truk, Micronesia

Steve Schiffman served as a municipal affairs volunteer -- responsible for promoting democratic governance and outreach to the people of Truk (Chuuck).

Cruising Gourmet Educational Media, Inc. (Non-Profit)
Las Vegas, Nevada

Promoting cultural understanding through travel & culinary arts, Steve Schiffman founded Cruising Gourmet television, a 501c3 non-profit to encourage media proliferation of both eco-tourism and indigenous recipes among native Americans in the United States and minority ethnic groups overseas.

Pacifica Foundation Radio (Non-Profit)
New York, New York

Steve Schiffman spent over 10 years as a volunteer with WBAI-fm, hosting call-in talk shows as well as producing programs relating to Israel and American foreign policy. Steve also frequently participated in WBAI's on-air marathon fundraising campaigns.

UNDP's Gender Empowerment and Mentoring
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Steve Schiffman believes that a national concealed carry law would compromise public safety, making our country and communities less safe and more susceptible to gun violence.

Modern University for the Humanities (Non-Profit)
Moscow, Russia

Steve Schiffman supported Russia's first private/non-profit university by providing pro bono teaching as well as donating legal services to develop democratic values via distant-learning media.

Upper Volga Institute (Non-Profit)
Tver, Russia

Upper Volga Institute, located in Tver, Russia, was one of the post-Soviet Union's early success stories to bring independent higher education to Russia. They desired to etablish a fundraising presence in the United State. In this context, Steve Schiffman donated his legal services enable the Institute to establish the non-profit "American Friends of Upper Volga Institute".